Are Spelling & Grammar Google Ranking Factors?

When website owners put content on their respective websites, spelling and grammar mistakes tend to happen. After all, we are human and perfect spelling and grammar every time content is written is unrealistic. With that said, just how costly can spelling and grammar play a role in a website’s SEO results? Continue reading to learn more.

The Most Common Google Ranking Factors

In no order, the most common Google ranking factors usually include:

So while spelling and grammar are not technically Google ranking factors, they indirectly play a role in terms of overall Google ranking factors. Hard to imagine content being seen as “high-quality” if it is filled with numerous spelling and grammatical mistakes. It is also important to note that while spelling and grammar may not always affect a website’s ranking, it can leave a negative impression on a user if they come across content with a handful of spelling and grammar errors.

How To Improve Spelling and Grammar

Website content is often wordy and it may be difficult to catch every spelling and grammar mistake. There are so many words and parts of grammar that look similar but have completely different meanings. In the moment of writing content, anybody is susceptible to mixing certain words up. Fortunately, in 2022, there are now countless ways to minimize or eliminate spelling and grammar errors. For example, there is a free web tool known as Grammarly that can help website owners eliminate spelling and grammar mistakes.  It also does not hurt to read over the content you write twice.

Google’s Spelling Algorithm

Google is very smart and can often understand misspelled words and often times know what a user is searching for. Google’s artificial intelligence will often suggest the intended search with proper spelling. With that said, it is not a good idea to be careless with spelling and grammar mistakes when writing content.

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