Are New Google Updates Coming Soon?

It’s been rumored by the SEO community that there will be two Google updates that might happen soon! It seems that Google adjusted their search ranking algorithm today so your site might see a higher or lower ranking depending if this update had affected your web pages. There was no official confirmation by Google of this update but from what the SEO community is talking about, there is a high chance that Google is indeed having an update.

There have been two updates in the past 24 hours, one around core web search and the other was likely around local rankings in Google.  This update seems to have an impact across all industries rather than a specific one. Most SEO experts are saying that they see a lot of spammy local results removed by Google making it seem like a quality update. Removing a local result leads to changes and shifts due to quality issues which can cause different local results. But not everyone thinks it is completely a quality update but rather an update to the local ranking algorithm. Hopefully, we will hear about these updates from Google directly soon.



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