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Are Facebook Paid Ads Worth It?

With so many different avenues, platforms, and mediums to advertise with these days, it is hard to find out what works best for your business. It is always important to dig into your analytics to see where your customers and target audience are seeing you and your ads. With so many different routes to take, you may be thinking, are Facebook ads still worth it?

Follow along as we go further into detail about why Facebook ads can be tremendously worth investing in for your business. 


Facebook reigns superior in social media platforms with over 2.89 billion monthly active users.  This gives your ad a significantly higher chance of being seen by potential customers!

Precise Targeting

The best feature of Facebook advertising is the ability to reach your target audience specifically. Facebook data allows you to target demographics such as age, location, ads they have previously clicked, pages they like, and the device they are using to use Facebook. Being so specific in your targeting increases your chances at clicks, conversions, and leads. 

With Facebook ads, you can also target different ads to different audiences. You may decide to target those who have been customers of your business previously with a different ad you would use for someone who has only browsed. 

Ad Options

Facebook offers ad formats besides your basic ad. You can choose to boost posts, polls, contact forms, interactive features, and videos. By using a format other than your basic ad, you can grab the attention of consumers and stand out amongst your competitors. 


Facebook’s Ad Manager is extremely detailed in showing you the results of your Facebook ad campaigns. In-depth analytics are beneficial when it comes to deciding if Facebook ads are working effectively for your business. You can refine and retarget your ad campaign based on your analytics. 

Search Engine Optimization

If the content of your Facebook ads is engaging and entertaining, they will tend to be shared. When your ad gets shared with a link back to your website, it will increase the traffic to your website, which will ultimately increase your Google ranking and help your SEO

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Facebook Paid Ads can be a great way of advertising for your business. If you want to learn more about Facebook and social media optimization, make sure to give the SEO experts at Boston Web Marketing a call today or fill out our online contact form.

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