Are Emojis Back in Search Results?

Google recently introduced its latest version of iOS, which includes new search filters, more AMP support, and Gboard access.  Version 23.0 makes it easier for users to search and send information, GIFs, and emojis.

Back in 2015, Google dropped emojis from showing up on search engine results pages due to webmaster abuse.

Emojis are now back up again on search pages, even for desktop searches.  Google added a feature to their snippets to feature emojis where they are the most relevant, useful, and fun for users.

What does this mean for SEO?

Emojis are another way of being able to convey deeper emotion, which can help users understand the context of their conversations on a screen.

Use of emojis can help your website stand out in search results, help users better understand the context of their queries, make your website more relatable, and attract more attention with certain audiences.

Webpages with emoji characters will have a higher visibility on search results pages than those without.  Depending upon the characters alone won’t boost your ranking, but it will promote your visibility on Google.

If you plan on using emojis as a part of your SEO strategy, use them sparingly in page titles, meta descriptions, business listings, and AdWords Ads.  Overuse can clutter your site, and you want to use emojis that are relevant to each page or blog post.

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