Are Blogs Still Valuable If They Don’t Get Thousands of Clicks?

Organic traffic is the backbone of any successful marketing strategy. One of the most effective ways to boost your organic traffic rate is to publish blogs that go viral. That is easier said than done. You may find that your blogs aren’t necessarily always getting the attention that they probably deserve in impressions and clicks. However, does that mean you should just delete the blog entirely and start over? Keep reading to learn more about how blogs bring value to your website. If you’re looking for help building your online presence, contact Boston Web Marketing. Our team of professionals can help evaluate your business’s individual needs and create a plan to increase traffic to your website. To get started, fill out a contact form on our website or give us a call at 857-526-0096.

How Blogs Generate Website Traffic

Writing blogs is a proven way to increase your website’s ranking on a SERP. Blogs serve as informational resources for your target audience. If done correctly, blogging will help build trust that your website offers a service that is reliable and relevant to your users. Trustworthiness is a major consideration of Google’s bots that are responsible for ranking content on SERPs. If you establish yourself as a resource for users, your website will get more brand recognition which can lead to potential customers choosing your business over competitors. 

Although blogs are a great way to boost organic traffic, not all blogs are created equal. Finding the right topics to write about in order to best engage your target audience is a key factor in a successful blog. You can find some helpful tips regarding how to effectively come up with blog topics that your audience will engage with by clicking here

Why Aren’t My Blogs Getting High Click-Through Rates?

Writing blogs is a proven technique to generate organic traffic to your website. However, this does not mean that every single blog is going to get thousands of clicks and lead to a high conversion rate. It is important to keep your blog strategy consistent and to be patient. Following proper SEO writing tactics such as ensuring that your H-tags are correctly formatted, your content is over 400 words and you’re including properly formatted URLs to link to outside sources also is important to ensure that your blogs are ranking well. Learn more about how to write blogs with SEO in mind by clicking here

Are Blogs That Don’t Generate Website Traffic Still Valuable?

If you notice that some of your blogs are performing well, while others have low clicks or impressions, don’t panic. It can be frustrating when your blogs don’t perform well. However, the lifespan of blogs can vary. In some cases, a blog may not perform well at first, however, trending searches later in the year, or even years later, can cause Google to rank older blogs well on SERPs which can lead to high organic traffic months later with no extra effort required on your end. In short, if a blog is not performing well, make sure that it is written with proper SEO writing techniques and don’t delete it. It may pop up in the top search results later. 

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