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Are AMP Results Appearing More In Google News?

Accelerated mobile pages are continuing to make a splash in the mobile search world, as more AMP articles are appearing in the news section of Google searches. A study from RankRanger, a tool set that monitors Google searches, reported that AMP results have more than doubled within the last couple of days in mobile searches.

RankRanger reported that about 30 percent of Google News results, when searched on mobile devices, were AMP articles. Since then it has more than doubled as now, 70 percent of the results in Google News are AMP news articles. This comes as more people who are looking for news, are searching for instant solutions and information. Accelerated mobile pages gives this opportunity to mobile searchers as all AMP pages are loaded instantly.

If you are a publisher of news, it may be beneficial to consider creating AMP pages for your articles. With this sudden increase in AMP appearance on Google searches, the traffic to any AMP page you may have may increase as well.

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