Are AMP Pages Now Indexed In Organic Search Results?

Earlier we mentioned how Google would no longer limit AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to the “Top Stories” section of mobile search results. The time has come as the search engine giant is now implementing AMP pages in organic search results across the globe. AMP technology has been one of the forefronts of Google’s goal to accelerate web experiences for everyone.

What Does This Mean For Publishers?

Since AMP pages are already programmed to render themselves, and only show content that is static, it cuts down on the load time. With the average load time of AMP pages being less than a second, there is a competitive advantage to websites without AMP pages. With users wanting faster load times, AMP pages are the perfect solution. Giving the user the information they were looking for in an instant will attract users to click on AMP pages more frequently. This will ultimately lead to more traffic, profits to that website, as well as exposure to AMP pages in general. In regards to ranking factors, AMP itself is not a factor. However, page load time for a website is a ranking factor and if you have multiple pages that are AMP implemented, it could help with the websites overall page rank.

What Does This Mean For Users?

Faster load time is a feature every user enjoys, especially now a days where people expect information to be found instantly. Since these pages have a quick load time, that need is met. In addition, since this roll out is for mobile search, it will help with users’ data usage as well. When it takes normal websites to load at their slower rate, a user’s more data is being used up more than originally thought. Depending on the load time of that website, data could be used up to ten times the amount of what would be used if the website had AMP pages. When AMP pages were first introduced, only a fraction of these pages were available to searchers. Now that they are available in organic search, mobile searchers can now be introduced to the millions of AMP pages out on the web!

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