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Are a Lot of People Doing Searches on Their Mobile Devices?

Google states that nearly 60 percent of search queries globally are from mobile phones. The U.S. had a high percentage rate of 58% of search query volumes for mobile searches. Hitwise, a company that measures and analyzes behavior across desktops, tablets, and smartphone devices, reviewed  about an average of 11 key categories and related queries to find this percentage of mobile searches. Below is a graph showing the volume of online searches done through mobile devices by industry.

mobile search volume

Food & Beverage category had the highest percentage of mobile search volumes with 72%. The category with the lowest percentage at 39% of search volumes was banking. Mobile queries were also slightly longer that PC searches, the average PC query for Food & Beverage had a string of 13.8 characters while mobile search queries had 15.5 characters, which is just over two words.

percentage of character queries on mobile devices

With these percentages and measurements, it’s important that your site’s mobile usability is sufficient since Google announced last year that it is a ranking factor in mobile search results. Learn more about Google mobile search updates and other factors that affect your mobile rankings here and here on our site! At Boston Web Marketing, we offer services in increasing your mobile and PC website, contact us at 857-526-0096 to get started!

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