April 2016 Social Media Updates

It’s important to pay attention to  updates that occur on all different social media platforms. Here are a few updates that happened in the month of April:

  • Facebook:
    • With the Live video, it has been updated to broadcast within groups and event pages.  Facebook expanded its algorithm and now factor in viewing time as a ranking signal. Also, Facebook will try to determine how long people will spend viewing a piece of content on the social media platform. 
  • LinkedIn:
    • In April, LinkedIn released an app called “LinkedIn Students” which was created to help young college students in their efforts to find employment after graduation. A helpful part of this app is that it allows these college students to connect with alumni who studied the same major or subject in school.
  • Google Plus: 
    • Google Plus now allows people to leave a review whether the user is signed into a Google+ account or not. It was noted that you at least have to be signed into a Google account.
  • YouTube:
    • Google announced in April that they will be using a new short and unskippable ad format for YouTube which will be 6 seconds long.

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