How to Apply SEO Strategy To Your Content

Content is one of the main factors in regard to Search Engine Optimization. Alongside links, content is extremely important. While there are a lot of things to focus on in regard to content, such as keyword usage, verbiage, and grammar usage, there are a few things to really put your content over the top. Let’s take a look at some of these things you can do to increase the rank of your pages, as well as play a bit better to ranking algorithms.
Long-tail Keywords: Long-tail Keywords really act as a more conversational piece of content. When you utilize these keywords, you can target your content towards the Hummingbird algorithm. The Hummingbird algorithm is one of Google’s updates which allows for a question to have a have an answer, which pops up as the first result. Having this answer will really help to increase traffic, due to the visibility on the search engine results page.
Detail: Detailed answers to common questions can, as mentioned above, help you play towards the Hummingbird algorithm. Making sure that these pages are highly related to your products and services will help to increase the targeted audience. If people are asking these questions to Google, they are often looking for these products and services, so a blog with FAQ posts can be a good gateway to your website.
Page Architecture: Architecture can be an easy way to help crawlers understand what is important on the page. Internal links are a good way to help crawlers be able to find newer pages more easily. Similarly, H-tags help to essentially “rank” your content. By adding these tags, you create an architecture that helps these crawlers figure out what is the most important pieces of content for them to see. Lastly, it is very important to add alt text to all images, so that crawlers can understand the context of the images that are on the pages.

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