Apple’s iOS7 Update

While all of us iPhone users have seen our fair share of iOS updates in the past, the latest (and arguably the greatest)  iOS 7 update is bigger than ever before.  Released for download yesterday, many users eagerly awaited the update’s availability and were thrilled with the new features and changes it offers.  However, some were not as fond of the grand transition, as along with the many advancements in features, the overall appearance of the screen and icons changed as well.  You will always have that though; a combination of positive and negative reactions will arise whether it be a new Facebook layout, an alteration in a website template, or any other new adaption in the world of internet and technology.

One feature in particular brought forth by iOS7 that could be seen as a legitimate benefit to business owners and companies who have employees always on the go is AirDrop.  AirDrop works as the mobile version of a wireless file transfer system in which it identifies nearby Apple devices so that users can easily send copies of documents, pictures, etc. to each other.  Perhaps you are at a trade-show and you want to keep current clients and social media followers updated on new products and events; your employee who is also there and is in charge of taking photos can detect your device, drop those files to you and you can publish them on Facebook, Twitter or another network right away and impress your audience with your constant and current updates.  Perhaps an additional employee is tracking all potential new clients for a particular product you are showcasing; with a simple tap, this worksheet can be sent to your iOS device and now you have a new list of contact information for reaching out via newsletters, email marketing or other efforts to turn those leads into official sales.

While most of us are still looking through the list of updates, some puzzled by the changes and still trying to figure out what our App icons now look like, it is undeniably interesting to examine specific features and consider how they might benefit you.  In a world that is so dependent on our smartphones, the more we can use them to our advantage, and specifically how business-owners can further their outreach to clients, the better.


By Casey Guntlow

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