Apple Store Re-Releases Google Maps for Apple Products

Last week Google Maps was officially released in the Apple App Store. After a disastrous release of Apple Maps with the new iOS 5 which prompted an apology by Apple’s CEO, it was only a matter of time until Google released their own map application since they were no longer Apple’s default map.

The app already has over 10 million downloads, which is certainly not surprising considering the shortfalls of Apple Maps.

Why does this matter?

With mobile searches rising and desktop searches falling it is now more important than ever for a company to be found via mobile phone and tablet searches. Google+ Local, and extension on Google maps (and integrated with social features) is one of the core ways to help a local business get found online. With the integration of Google Maps on iPhones and IPads there is now an even more effective way to get found online with Apple.


By Jeffrey Pucko

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