Apple Search Ads Update

It’s no secret a large number of business both small and large and creating their own, in house mobile applications. Since people are connected with their mobile devices more than ever today, it only makes sense. Applications can serve many purposes but in the broadest sense, they exist for the consumer that is interacting with your business. Your app should be making their consumer journey and life, easier.

Here at Boston Web Marketing, we see some clients with their own in-house applications that they offer to their clients. We wanted to share a blog highlighting this Apple update as it is a highly coveted industry topic and one client may be interested in hearing about.

Apple Search Ads

Similar to Google Search Ads, Apple has something similar called Apple Search Ads. If you are trying to gain more users for your app, especially outside your existing client base, Apple Search Ads are a real option in growing downloads. It works like Google’s Search Ad algorithm in which it takes keywords, bids, and targeted audiences to present your Ad/ App to the users who are most likely to download your app. According to, the average conversions rate is near 50% for those utilizing Apple Search Ads.

Apple Search Ads Update

The Apple search update pertained to ads now reaching new markets. Apple announced Apple Search Ads can now reach up to 56 countries. The reach before was around 13 countries in total! This is a major update for those attempting to reach global audiences. Like Google Search Ads, you can specify by region or even language. To make an impact in another country with your service or product, it will require a lot of research into what the marketplace demands.

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Here at Boston Web Marketing, our Paid Ads team stays up to date with recent updates and features within the Pay Per Click and AdWords industry. While this, of course, includes Google Paid search, we keep tabs on the Bing Ads, Facebook ads, and Apple ads as depending on our client’s goals, these platforms may be the best option for them.

Does your business have an App that needs to reach the global marketplace? Have you been considering the creation of an App and don’t know where to start? As a New England’s largest Full-scale Digital Marketing Agency, we are capable of providing insight and resource to enhancing your business’s digital presence. Give us a call today or fill out our convenient online contact form to learn more!

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