Apple Maps Joins Forces with Foursquare to Supplement Business Directory

Apple has joined forces with the popular local business app Foursquare in an effort to supplement its database of business listings for the Maps application. Apple will utilize Foursquare’s data in its proprietary Maps app to provide more up-to-date information on local businesses. While, as explains, there will be some duplicate data, the partnership will help Apple add to its growing directory of businesses.

The move is in line with Apple’s overall effort to improve the user experience of Maps, which has received its fair share of criticism from both users and industry experts. Most recently, Apple added the ability for Maps users to get public transit directions, a feature that had been a glaring hole in the app until it added by Apple added. Prior to the feature being added, users had to choose from a list of third-party transit apps if they wanted directions via subway, bus or rail. Much of the criticism that Apple has received also pertains to the usability of the app, which many argued paled in comparison with the Google.

Last Fall, Apple introduced Maps Connect – a tool that business owners can use to add and manage their business’ information on the Maps app. In another well-publicized decision, Apple ended its partnership with Google in 2012, who had been the primary maps data provider until then. Apple has since partnered with GPS and maps system manufacturer TomTom. The new partnership with Foursquare is mutually beneficial, as the Foursquare app has waned in popularity and usage in recent years.


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