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Apple Creating Adwords like Ad Option for the App Store

Yesterday, it was reported that Apple is currently exploring the potential of a paid search style ad option similar to Google’s Adwords for the Apple App Store. This is part of a new strategy developed by Apple to allow app developers an option to have their app displayed more favorably within the app store. It is estimated 1.6 million apps are currently available on the app store right now.

One of the ideas that Apple is considering is a paid search model that would require companies to pay for their app to show at the top of search results based on a customer’s search query. A paid search option within the Apple app store will give the company a new revenue option that Google has already shown to be very profitable.

For most app developers, it has been a challenge to have their app recognized within the Apple app store. The app store market seems to be saturated with so many apps that have similar functionality that standing out from the crowd has become an issue. With so many apps to choose from it has become increasing difficult to differentiate one app from another.

It is not clear when Apple will be releasing the new paid search service or if it will be popular among app developers.

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