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Another Google Maps Update- ‘Today’s Events’

According to various reports, it looks like Google has added another feature to its ‘Maps’ application. In your local area, upcoming events will pop up in the form of a pink pin and be labeled as “today”.

This weekends Women’s March was one of the first events to show up, as seen by twitter user @brianherb17 below:

There is also an option to add the event to your Google calendar and easily navigate to it from wherever you currently are located. This seems to be a new phenomenon from Google Maps as there have only been a few isolated incidents of this popping up across the web (so far). Maybe Google is just testing a few areas and important large-scale events before there is a full roll out of this feature worldwide.

This does not seem to be a case where it’s an advertisement as there are no sponsored tags anywhere on these. Maybe somewhere down the line, the opportunity will arise where companies or organizations will have the opportunity to pay to have the top spot as another form of paid search.

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