Annual Changes in The SEO World

The number of businesses, and therefore websites, in America, grows steadily each year, and a website’s SEO strategies are integral to getting your business found in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS). In order for your website to thrive in the digital world, checking off the proper SEO boxes is vital. Many SEO fundamentals and principles stay intact every year, but like most digital things, changes do occur within the SEO world. It is important to stay on top of what is trending in SEO, and align your website to popular SEO methods. Always keep in mind and monitor that what may have worked for you in terms of SEO in the past, may not be as successful now. 

Content Update

The first change we would like to talk about is content. Those who are familiar with SEO work have heard the phrase “content is king”. While content is a necessity in an SEO plan, it is not as essential as it once was. One of the biggest changes to SEO in 2021 is a de-emphasis on content. While content is still important, it is no longer the driving force to ranking high on search engine like it once was. 

Googles New AI Model 

The next change to SEO comes via Googles AI model known as MUM. MUM has given Google a newer, quicker, and more in-depth processing ability in 2021. MUM makes it easier on Google to analyze text and the meaning of a page. 

Keywords Impact

In the 2021 SEO world, data shows that instead of focusing on more keywords for your respective business, focus on enhancing the keywords you already rank for. Daily, millions are searching for services “near me”. Use Google search console regularly to see which keywords are the strongest in your respective industry. Remember that after all these Google updates and algorithm changes in 2021, the keywords you already have set are more impactful than new keywords.

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