Angie’s List Is Now Free For All

Angie’s List has now made their services free for anyone to use. This move is one that has gone under the radar of most, but will have a big impact for businesses and their ranking on Google search results pages. Before, Angie’s list charged $40 per month to view a business more in depth. If you did not have a membership then you could only view a company’s name, address and phone number. With the free access, anyone can see anything about a particular business that is on the business’s profile. Over the years Angie’s list has gotten popular for people leaving lengthy reviews of companies and their services. With this aspect now being available for all, a business’s reputation will now be affected since both positive and negative reviews will be visible.

What this means for a business in the SEO world is that their profile will show more on search results. Along with Yelp and Google profiles appearing when people search a company, Angie’s list profiles will now be showing in results. With Angie’s list being a popular and trusted website, the link to a profile will soon be higher on the results page than prior years. If you were every wondering if your business should be on Angie’s list, this move should convince you to join. Giving more opportunity for your company to be found on the web, along with sharing information from good customer reviews, will only help increase traffic to your business’s website even more.

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