Analyzing Your Audience Through Content SEO

If you don’t understand how to reach out to your target audience, then finding ways to communicate with them could be problematic, and you’ll probably be finding yourself asking questions such as what type of text should I be writing? Should I write texts difficult or very easy to read? Which topics will attract my audience the most? These questions are extremely important if you want your audience to become regular visitors to your site. If you know your audience, you will find it much easier adapting your texts to your audience, and as a result, improve your reputation and gain more visitors.

There are several ways to analyze your audience.

  1. Google Analytics. This is a fundamental step if you want to monitor which pages and blog post generate the most traffic. Google Analytics will share a report on what time of day your audience is coming to your site, where are they coming from and finding out if they’re using a desktop or mobile device; All of which are valuable and usable information.
  2. Facebook Insights. If you are looking to see which posts grabbed the most attention from your audience, Facebook insights is a great social media tool to use. You can experiment with buying ads on Facebook to promote your pages. Of course, there are other social media platforms that have their own analytics like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest Analytics.
  3. Surveys. This is a great way to really understand your audience by having them fill out an online questionnaire. Why? well, you have the opportunity to ask them anything you want. Keep in mind, not many people like to participate in online surveys, however, if you want to grab more participants you can throw in a nice little incentive as a thank you for their time to fill out your survey after all, who doesn’t like to be rewarded?
  4. Talking to your audience. Having a simple conversation with your audience can go a long way to finding out more about them. In a questionnaire, people will probably only respond vaguely based on the questions that are given to them. If you are able to talk to some of the people from your audience, it could help you get a better idea on who your audience is. Asking questions on what they like best about your website, product or your blog posts will feel like you are engaging with them on a personal level.
  5. Comments. Analyze your audience’s comments on your blog post and find out which topic appeals to your audience the most and what they are saying about your content. This will help you adjust your next blog post based on their comments.

These are great ways to start analyzing your audience. Only you will know which of the 5 listed above will benefit you in knowing what kind of audience you are dealing with. If you are looking to improve your content, contact our Boston-based SEO company today!

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