An Influencer’s Impact On A SEO Strategy

In today’s day and age, people worldwide prefer to learn about products, services, and brands from other consumers and like-minded individuals who have used, know, and love them. Due to this increase in consumer-to-consumer marketing, the rise of using influencers who influence the same market as the product is profound. As consumers seek out influencers and other consumers, they are looking for authentic content. While this content is engaging and can drive up coverage, it is also a fantastic way to increase your search engine optimization strategy, improving how you rank on various search engines. To learn more about the impact of influencer partnerships on your SEO rankings, the digital marketing specialists at Boston Web Marketing have compiled a list of ways it can benefit your rankings.


Influencer Impact On SEO


Increased E-E-A-T

Since 2022, we have seen search engines such as Google update their algorithm to emphasize experience, which is the second E in EEAT. This means that Google is looking for companies, brands, and services with first-hand knowledge and internet content to prove worthiness and credibility. Using influencers is a great way to increase and build up this real-human content. This content then translates into reviews, testimonials, and other content that gives Google the experience they are looking for.


Better Social Presence

Social media can directly impact your ranking on search engine results pages as they create essential backlinks to your site. A good quality social media presence can indicate to search engines that you are an authoritative and positive source of information. A general rule of thumb is that influencers with a more significant following will be more beneficial than ones with a smaller following. However, both can be beneficial depending on your current or developed content promotion strategy.


Increased Usage Of Video Marketing

Short-form video content is taking over the marketing game. Whether on social media or other platforms, consumers are looking for video-formatted content that explains a user’s experience with your product, services, or brand in a short and concise manner. Video content is often noted as being more engaging, authentic, and entertaining and can help increase your SEO through visibility and collaboration. Research shows that consumers associate seeing videos and real people with a brand or company, which fosters brand trust and loyalty.


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