Amp Up Your Content Marketing With Humor

Here’s a joke for you.

Two potential users visit your Facebook profile.

They scroll through a few posts on your feed and unfollow your profile.

For some businesses, this isn’t a joke, and more so of a harsh reality.

Have you noticed that more and more brands are incorporating humor into their content marketing strategies?  When you think of commercials and ads on social media you’ve seen recently, how have they made you feel after watching them?  The ones that gave you a good chuckle probably stood out the most, right?

There seems to be some unwritten rule when it comes to producing content for your website and social media channels: Don’t use humor if you want to be taken seriously.  Given the type of audience, marketers can find the balance between putting a smile on their users’ faces and professionalism.

Humor can be an effective way to build personal connections with your audience.  While it doesn’t always have to be about making your audience laugh, adding humor to your content adds another layer of value – it gives your content a genuine human personality that shine’s through the reader’s screen.

Why is humor so effective?

There are reasons why humor works:

It lowers your audience’s defense

Many people are skeptical when it comes to being bombarded with ads.  We’re so used to seeing “sponsored” posts in our newsfeeds that we tend to close ourselves off from their messages.  Humor works well for social media because it catches people off guard and they find themselves amused with your content.

You can use humor to connect with your audience

Humor allows you to connect with your audience and makes your brand more relatable.  If you can facilitate laughter, or at least get your audience to crack a smile, you’ll forge a bond with them that leads them to return to your content.

Humor leads to sharing

The most shared content on social media are usually the ones that give the most laughs.  Anything from crazy cat videos to viral memes, if a user comes across a post that elicits a good laugh, they’ll more than likely share it on their feed.

Adding a bit of humor to your content marketing strategy is a great way to engage your audience as well as exhibit your brand voice.  By taking the right approach, you can boost your brand reputation, generate more engagement, and build a valuable rapport with your audience.

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