What Are AMP Search Engine Stories?

Google has recently announced that they will be starting to use AMP stories to help engage users even more than ever before. These stories will be a content-rich visual way for users to tell their stories, whether that be a business, etc.. While this is still in its more experimental phase, it seems to be taking off very quickly, earning many good reviews in these early phases.

What Do We Notice?

One of the things that many people may notice right away is the fact that this is very reminiscent of Snapchat stories or Instagram stories. These items are used differently per platform. Typically on Snapchat, we see that people use their stories as a place to share a snap that they think everyone will like, as opposed to just sending it to a few people. On the opposite end, we see more and more people using Instagram stories. Especially with the new Snapchat updates, many people are moving away from this platform in favor of Instagram.
What do these two things have in common? They are methods of sharing.

What Are Some Of The Kinks?

While Google has supposedly said that they want users to create their own unique content, specifically for the AMP stories, we can see that many people may want that writing on their site, or want to use some older content. This can cause some keyword cannibalization, duplicate content problems, that will not be solved on their own.

But Why?

While Snapchat and Instagram stories both started out as more beta apps, they have slowly become more monetized in the more recent years. With the new Snapchat update, we see their monetization at an all-time high. One of the things that set the AMP stories apart is that the monetization will be built into it initially, instead of by a massive update which could cause an uproar.

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