AMP Project Announces Functionality Updates

Google recently announced several updates to its AMP Project. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, the goal of which is to speed up Internet load speeds on mobile devices. The new updates range from increased responsiveness to video analytics. AMP pages have several SEO benefits that can boost your search ranking and user experience, with a lightning bolt label next to your link in search results to mark it as a quick-loading site. This has proven to have huge benefits for mobile browsing, which relies on a combination of unreliable wifi and data plans.
The new updates to AMP pages are mostly in responsive appearance and in analytic tracking. The sidebar has been improved to change view based on the width of the device you are viewing the page on, and subtle zooms are enabled while scrolling. The update allows for more advertising support, even when the ad size is undetermined. The new analytics support is helpful to anyone managing SEO: the information from user IDs has been improved so you can identify users going back and forth between AMP and non-AMP pages across your website, and native video analytics have finally been implemented, making it easier to track where your views are coming from.
With mobile searching and viewing still on the rise, AMP pages are going to continue to evolve and include new features to match reader and developer demand. Upcoming changes are rumored to include error logging, even more analytic improvements and a simpler start-up process to transfer pages over.  While its exact strength as a ranking factor is unknown, AMP pages will help your search presence on search engines and social media sites.

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