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AMP Pages Will be Shown Instead of App Deep Links

As we mentioned before in a previous blog post about AMP pages will no longer be limited to top stories, Google is releasing another update to increase the importance of AMP pages. In case you didn’t know what an AMP page is, it stands for Accelerated Mobile Page and it only affects mobile search results. The new update will show an AMP page instead of an app page. That means when the user uses an app of a publisher and performs a search in the app, normally, the app would pop up after a link within the mobile search results page is clicked. Now, Google will show the AMP page instead. It would not show the content within the app the user uses.

Google has said that according to their research, AMP has delivered a better user experience because of its extremely fast loading time compared to a regular website page. AMP pages generally load about 3-4 times faster than a standard page. Users’ feedbacks have told Google that people are more likely to click on an AMP page versus a regular page. Content management systems like WordPress have also picked up the trend and released the AMP-WP plugin to help speed up the loading time of WordPress sites.

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