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AMP Launching to Over One Billion People in Asia

Since Accelerated Mobile Pages launched in 2015, it was clear that between their simplicity and rapid load times, AMP pages would make a dramatic impact on search engine results pages. Perhaps its most noticeable effect is on the international news cycle in its digital format. Breaking news articles are displayed prominently from a number of the biggest publishers, effectively streamlining the news cycle.

Now, over one billion people in Asia will be gain access to AMP pages across a variety of search engines, now including Baidu and Sogou. Data gathered between some of the world’s top publishers indicate that up to 7% of all their traffic now stems from AMP pages. While AMP pages have significantly decreased load times, increased click-through-rate, and overall better monetized most publishers, certain publishers report that they’re seeing decreased ad revenue, likely due to the smaller, less-intrusive interstitials on AMP pages.

While AMP pages are not technically a ranking factor, it’s clear that news articles in the AMP format gain preferential treatment, as they appear on the carousel at the very top of SERPs. Additionally, site speed is a ranking factor, illustrating that AMP pages are essential for publishers of all sizes, not limited to juggernauts like or

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