Amazon SEO vs. Amazon PPC  – Do You Need Them Both?

When it comes to utilizing the Amazon platform to advertise products, many business online owners focus more on the PPC than the SEO, which is understandable. Still, in actuality, you need both to get started as they both serve the same purpose in goal, and that is getting your product displayed higher in the Amazon search results, which is important because, just like with Google and other search engines, the more visibility you have, the higher chance your site/product will be clicked that could potentially drive more sales. 

Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO focuses on relevant keywords and adding content that best describes the product you are selling on amazon to improve your click-through and conversion ranking well in the organic search results. Why you should take advantage of Amazon SEO is because it’s free. Many sellers tend to neglect this strategy because it can take a while to climb up the ranks.

Amazon PPC

If you are looking for a fast track in getting your product found, running an ad campaign should be one of the core marketing strategies to implement. Amazon PPC allows you to bid for specific or related keywords for your ‘Sponsored Products’ ad to appear on the search results header section. Depending on the product and how competitive the market is, you could be investing more money, but if you want immediate top ranking, that’s what you need to do. 

How Can Amazon SEO & PPC Work Together?

Combining Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC can effectively increase your sales on amazon. Maximizing your keywords and product listings that are well optimized and firmly budgeted will significantly impact your PPC campaigns. If you are unsure which to start or don’t have the PPC budget, we highly recommend getting started with Amazon SEO.

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