How Alt Tag and Title Tag Optimization Help with Image Searches

Everyone knows that including images in your site will be more visually appealing to the user  and it will bring more traffic to your site. When doing so, what usually can be forgotten is to include alt text for images. This becomes prominent when Google crawls the site, but if no alt text is put in place for these images, Google doesn’t identify them as really being on the site at all. The alt tag  describes what’s on the image  and its purpose. So whether it is a picture of a house or a button, the alt tag should describe what is on the image that is displayed on the site and why it is there.

Google places a high importance on the use of alt text for images, not only for the description of the picture  but to also describe whatever the topic is about ,where the image is enclosed, and it also checks for keywords which in part is good for SEO.

The key here is to  choose relevant pictures that relate around the topic you will be discussing. This is how you are able to choose good alt tags for your images. A good alt tag will be long and descriptive  of the image shown.

For example, on WordPress one is able to upload a picture and include a title and alt attribute. WordPress has the benefit where it uses the image file name in the title alt text, where it does it for you. However, you shouldn’t always count on a content management system  to do it for you. You should always be creating alt text for all your images. Making these titles may be relatively small, but can go a long way for SEO. So it is very important that we do not forget to do them.

Remember images attract customers, as it calls attention to your article or blog. Including alt text and titles will fully optimize your pictures for SEO.

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