All You Need To Know About Google’s Knowledge Graph

If you have ever seen a box of information on the right hand side of your screen, that is known as Google’s Knowledge Graph. The Knowledge Graph is Google’s way of piecing facts, people, and places together. Introduced in 2012, this was Google’s attempt at understanding the intention of its users as they enter keywords into the search engine. Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about the Knowledge Graph.

How The Knowledge Graph Works

The Knowledge Graph is Google’s way of gathering fact-based information that connects what or who the user is searching for without clicking on a website link. This is an intelligent model that Google developed to understand the real life connection between its user and what they are seeking to find. Instead of interpreting every single keyword used in the search bar, Google infers what people are searching for. They make an educated prediction on what the user wants to learn more about, therefore creating this concept of a Knowledge Graph. This graph includes a plethora of information. For example, have you ever searched for a movie? When the results are displayed on the SERP, you may see the title, it’s description, the cast, other movies similar to it, and more information on how it was made. This is all a part of Google’s way to understand user intent.

Using The Knowledge Graph To Expand Your Reach

Local businesses have a strong opportunity to gain new audiences from the Knowledge Graph. If Google can find your information, it will fill the Knowledge Graph with an additional list of information. This includes, but is not limited to, customer and critic reviews, daily hours, popular times for your business, reservation options, phone and fax numbers, directions to your business, and a website link. This allows for potential new clients to make a reservation, appointment, or phone call directly from Google’s search result page. This allows users a good experience as they can easily find exactly what they’re looking for. You are also winning over new clients, without even trying. Some ways of implementing this can come from updating your schema markup, being listed on a site like Wikipedia, optimizing your Google My Business page, and updating your social media platforms

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