AdWords Now Testing the Second Line of Structured Snippets

Ever since Google launched their structured snippets feature in AdWords last August, they continue to find new ways to improve AdWords as a whole. The latest addition to AdWords is an additional line of text to the structured snippets.240fbd18-6f1d-4431-b47f-5b6fa25ddbfe

Structured Snippets are additional structured information that shows the ad, providing context to what the ad is selling before the user clicks on the link. The reason why Google has decided to add an extra line of structured information is to allow retailers the opportunity to display more information about their product or service. For users managing AdWords, Now if you select two predefined “Headers” and define two lists of customized values, they can both show your ads at the same time. A great example of a business that can take advantage of this new feature is if they sell a product and also provides a service, one line of the structured snippet can focus on the products that they sell and the second line can focus on the services that they provide.

Here are a few notes to keep in mind:

  • For retailers, the additional line of a structured snippet can be an additional tool to be used for ads written for the holiday season if used correctly.
  • The extra line of structured information will take more real-estate on the first page of search results, combine that with Googles Local 3-Pack search results and SEO efforts now become that much more important.

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