AdWords Now Allows You to Share Negative Keywords Lists Across Accounts

If you’re running multiple AdWords accounts in the same industry using your Manager Account (MCC), it’s helpful to have a negative keyword excel file so you can upload it to the various accounts that you manage. But now, Google allows AdWords users to share their negative keyword lists across multiple accounts to make it easier for these users. Yet beware, if your negative keyword list includes cities and states that are relevant to one account but irrelevant to others, you’ll have to revise your negative keyword list to make sure it doesn’t negatively affect the searches for your other accounts.

When a negative keyword list is created, it now gets added by default to the shared library. To implement this, simply follow the below steps:

1. Log into your Google AdWords MCC account

2. Go into ‘Accounts’

3. Go to the Shared Library folder in the left sidebar and choose ‘Negative Keywords’

4. Add (+) List

5. Name Your Negative Keyword List and Save

While this new addition makes it easier to add negative keywords, it also makes it easier to accidentally add negative keywords that may prevent your ads from appearing for relevant searches. Just like when you’re adding your regular keywords, make sure you exercise extreme caution when adding negative keywords, as they can both make or break a campaign.


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