AdWords May Replace Call Extension Numbers With Actual Location Number

Google made a number of changes during 2016 to AdWords text ads, particularly for campaigns that include location extensions. Location extensions extract information from businesses’ Google My Business pages to expand on their corresponding text ads. Typically, a location extension will simply show the business’ address in the form of a hyperlink, which, when clicked, will direct users to Google Maps.

In certain cases, Google will even display businesses’ Google Review score as part of the text ad. However, businesses will need at least 30 reviews and a rating over 3.5 stars. Ads will also occasionally appear in Google Maps as well.

This week, Google announced that for campaigns that include a location extension and a call forwarding tracking number, Google “may” begin only showing the location’s actual number. This may cause problems for businesses that direct users to a call center or wish to have a comprehensive phone tracking system in place. Businesses that neglect to review the information on their Google My Business page may run into trouble if their listed number is incorrect.

Google is offering advertisers to fill out this form in case they wish to opt out of this recent change. This move will likely improve the user experience as it will connect users directly with the location they’re looking for instead of a centralized call center.

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