Advertising your Business with Reddit

As web based marketing has evolved, the importance of being not only social with your customer but interactive has become a necessary part of a successful online presence. With major social media websites like Facebook and Twitter dominating the business to customer online marketing, a variety of websites are being overlooked, but the potential is there.

Reddit, known simply as “The Front Page of the Internet” is many times misconceived as either people who enjoy wasting time at work or a group of computer nerds, but it is so much more. Reddit has a number of powerful tools to help advertise your business to a vast and well informed community.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social networking service that offers a plethora of content ranging from news, books, television, movies, and music to scrap the surface. This content is organized into “subreddits” which are essentially specific niches displayed as r/politics (political subreddit) for example. Subreddits are usually run by Reddit users but in some rare cases, a company can effectively create a subreddit.

Registered Users can “upvote” and “downvote” content moving the post up and down on the subreddit, the more “upvotes” a post has the more it will be trending in the specific subreddit and possibly the “main” page. The significance of the “upvote” is it gives your company a chance to be seen by thousands upon thousands of potential customers that are interested in YOUR companies focus.

The Reddit community is harsh however. If your company’s content isn’t authentic and genuine there’s a potential for a possible blacklist or being banned from the site as a whole.  Spam and hard selling are frowned upon on Reddit as well many times resulting in a negative brand image.

Advertising through Reddit

Though a majority of the content on Reddit is organic, your company can take advantage of “Reddit Ads”. Similar to Google Adwords, Reddit Ads works on the basis of pay-per-click advertising which is displayed on both the homepage and any specific subreddit. Reddit Ads offers a number of helpful tools including:  budget management, connecting with your target customers, and an in-depth analysis of your progress.

One organic approach to advertising your business through Reddit is through AMA’s (Ask Me Anything). This extremely popular addition to Reddit gives your business a more personable approach as you are interacting directly with potential clients and the entire Reddit community. It also offers an open forum in which users cannot only have their questions and concerns personally answered by your business, as well as suggestions and improvements to your business.

By: Zack King

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