Adding Emotional Branding To Your Marketing Strategy

As humans, we long for personal connection, even on social media.

When you’re stuck trying to figure out how to gain a trusted following on your social media platforms, one thing to consider is integrating emotional branding into your content marketing strategy.

Emotional branding helps you connect with your audience in an authentic, humanized way rather than posting content like a robot.  Connecting with your audience on a personal level helps them identify with your brand, encourages open communication, also separates you from the masses.

How do you integrate emotional branding into your content marketing plan?  You have to fully understand your audience’s lifestyle and values, and how your business aligns with what they are looking for.

Another way of including emotional branding into your content marketing strategy is by compelling your audience that you are the right service or produce for them.  Your branding, tag lines, and marketing language should compel your audience, not tell them.  Your content should be able to capture your audience’s attention by illustrating what sets your business apart from others and how you are an industry leader.

Some key points to remember when restructuring your contenting marketing strategy around emotional branding include:

  • Writing content that helps your audience
  • Using relatable language that creates and deepens the connection
  • Personalizing your content on social media with pictures from your location
  • Responding to reviews with thoughtful comments



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