Why Accelerated Mobile Pages Are Important

You may often see the term AMP in search results, or just in general online, between people posting about this on social media and blog writing about this term. It is actually the abbreviation for “Accelerated Mobile Pages“. These pages are essentially a “stripped down” version of the original page, which gives many benefits to the companies creating these pages for their site. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits, and things to remember in regard to these accelerated mobile pages and their impact.
Load Speed: While this ties in directly with user experience, utilizing accelerated mobile pages allows for the pages to load faster, leading to ease of access. Load speed is important for two reasons, which are shown directly below.
Customer Experience: Outline the first dives into the user experience. If a user is trying to load a page and it literally will not load, there is a chance that they will click right out. This leads to increased bounce rates, as well as lower conversion rates.
Rankings: Similarly, on the other end, load speed is actually a ranking factor for the Google algorithms and has actually  increased in the recent past. There are a few different ways to check load speed. The first is by checking manually, where you look up the page and see how long it takes. You will not be able to get actual numbers, but you can get a feel for how the customer feels when clicking on the page. On a different end, you can plug your URL into a software that will give you more accurate data.
Conversion: Slow load time kills conversions. If people have to already go through a few steps to get what they need, they will lose patience very quickly if it takes a long time to load, leading to a lost conversion at the end of the day.


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