Academic Marketing vs. Real World Marketing from an Intern Perspective

From the 100-question standardized tests to the grueling 40-page marketing plans, being a Marketing major at University of Massachusetts Lowell is nothing short of rigorous. As a senior, my schedule is currently filled with five 300 and 400 level classes — as hard as they get.  UMass Lowell is AACSB accredited in Business, so although it is a state school, it follows similar programs to more elite, private schools, such as, Bentley and Babson College.  Even if students choose to major in Business Management, they are still put through at least three accounting classes, finance classes, marketing classes, and must enroll in a senior Capstone project. UMass Lowell prides itself in preparing its students for the real world after graduation, with its tagline of, “Work Ready, Life Ready, and World Ready,” and it definitely has done that for me.  I have learned a lot about time management over the past year, between balancing my classes, homework, a job, an internship, and a social life.

Thankfully, I have been lucky enough to obtain an internship at Boston Web Marketing this fall.  In comparison to earning my marketing degree at school, this opportunity has taught me much more about the real world and has given me hands on experience in the world of marketing.  Boston Web Marketing specializes in search engine optimization, managing social media, and reputation management.  There are no 40-page marketing plans or standardized tests based on boring information from textbooks here.  It’s mostly understanding people, their business, what they want to accomplish through this marketing medium, and how to reach those goals.

I am graduating in May and this internship at Boston Web Marketing has definitely prepared me for the real world more than anything else thus far.  Although I am only here two days a week, I now have a better understanding of what working in the marketing field is like.  Earning my degree has taught me the more technical aspects, like the four P’s, STP (segmentation, targeting, and positioning), and the five C’s (context, company, customer, collaborators, and competition), while BWM has taught me the broader picture of marketing and what to do with that information.  I have truly enjoyed my experience here at Boston Web Marketing and hope to pursue a career in the marketing industry after graduation.

–Amy DeSantis

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