A Quick Look At Quora And Its New Advertising Platform

Quora is a Question & Answer platform founded in 2009, allowing users to seek informational answers from subject masters all over the world. Since its launch 8 years ago, the platform has been gaining huge success in terms of audience and community. As of April 2017, there are 190 million users using this platform for information and research monthly. Among that, U.S. is the country with the highest number of users of 40 million, followed by India with 15 million users. That should give you an idea of how big and popular Quora is.
It should go without saying that there is a tremendous opportunity here for advertisers to reach their targeted audience. Quora wasn’t immediately born with an ad feature for B2C or B2B. However, the increase in popularity prompted the team at Quora to take the initiatives and capture this opportunity. Early this year, Quora Ads came out of beta and have been showing quite good results for advertisers. Let’s take a look at this new-born platform:
Quora Ads platform is entirely self-serve. Advertisers can choose what topics they want to show their ads for, as well as keywords, locations, and users’ devices. Currently, the only 2 available ad formats are text ads and mobile app ads.
Text Ad
Text Ads
Mobile App Ad
Mobile App Ads
In each ad, the headline consists of 65 characters, the description has a 105-character limit, and there is a call-to-action button. Similar to a Google AdWords ad, Quora conducts a real-time auction to determine which ads to display on a CPC basis. The actual ad, if it wins the auction, will be shown right below the question and above the answers. Conversion ads are tracked by a pixel.
ads pixel
Quora Ads Manager
In order to manage your ads and keep track of campaign performance, you can use the free tool provided by Quora, Quora Ads Manager. If you have previous experiences running CPC campaigns before, Quora Ads Manager’s user interface is pretty straightforward and streamlined. There is also basic reporting option to evaluate current and past campaigns. The designers at Quora seem to learn a lot about UI design lessons from other advertising platforms in the past, deliver a very pleasant experience to both experienced and non-experienced advertisers.
While Quora Ads is not expected to replace other ads platform such as Google AdWords or Facebook Ads anytime in near future, it is a wonderful addition to advertisers and provides yet another channel to reach their potential customers.


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