A New Google Test, Or Maybe A Google Bug

Earlier this week a webmaster using Google Spain discovered, what is thought to be either a Google Test or Bug, where the descriptions that are usually placed underneath the link on search results were removed; perhaps Google is testing how searchers will react to seeing search results, absent a description, or perhaps it was just a tiny mistake that was spotted by a few webmasters, we are not sure yet!

During this test/bug period, when you conducted a search, all you saw were clickable links to websites; usually you see a small summary of a line or two describing what the web page you’re about to click on is about.

The photo below, courtesy of Search Engine Land, will show you what search results will look like without the description snippet:

Courtesy of Search Engine Land




























So the question still stands: is this a test, or a bug? If it is a test will it stick? Who knows! We will keep you updated!

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