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The SEO process entails various steps and efforts that all contribute to your online exposure.  In order to achieve the best organic search results, you need to fully consider and engage in each step of SEO, and one of these contributing factors is backlinks.  A website can truly benefit from having links directed back to its site from outside sources.  The more links, the better, as long as they are not the result of the frowned upon link-farming.  So, how do you know where your site’s backlinks exist?  How many of these sources are there?  There are various tools to use to answer these questions, but a recent tool was launched that makes it as quick and easy as possible.  Analyze Backlinks is a straightforward site that users can use to quickly evaluate their website as well as target specific text to see if any sources exist that link to you.   Google Webmaster Tools is another source that one can use to see how many links there are to your site, but for the average person (especially one who is unfamiliar with the whole SEO process but curious as to how connected their website currently is); Analyze Backlinks could be the quick pick.

The ability to easily monitor your site’s backlinks as often as you want is not only convenient, but could also help steer your SEO results in a better direction.  If your site lacks links, it has the potential to affect how search engines like Google rank you.  An SEO company like BWM can change this number, as efforts such as social bookmarking and blogs (both provide opportunities for backlinks) are two of the many efforts taken on for someone who is looking for better page placement and popularity in the online community.   Backlinks are certainly an important contributor to your website’s page rank, and this tool can provide assurance to those engaging in SEO efforts if the targeted site is in fact connected to other sources, but it also allow users to see if more focus needs to be put on achieving inward links.  How to gather links to your site is another process itself, but tools like these are nice to know about and can help in the monitoring efforts of a website, especially when you are engaged in the SEO process and are looking to see an indication of how prevalent you currently are.

–          Casey Guntlow

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