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A Guide to E-commerce SEO

What is E-commerce SEO?

Ecommerce SEO is the ongoing process of increasing organic traffic to your online store from search engines like Google and Bing. SEO allows for ecommerce sites to rank higher on search engines. Ranking higher on search engines such as Google will create more visibility to the online store, increase traffic to the website, and ultimately increase online sales.

SEO Tips for Ecommerce Sites:

1. Product Schema Markup

Product schema markup is a must for ecommerce websites. So what is it? Product schema markup is a specific code put on the backend of your site that allows search engines such as Google to read and understand the content on the web page easily. This also allows Google to present the information on that page to users easily in the search results. Users will be able to see the product’s price, product rating, description, images, and more right on the search results page because Google could pull that information from your site, thanks to product schema markup.

2. Site Design and Layout:

The structure and design of a website plays a huge role in both user experience and your search rankings. Websites that are hard to navigate, messy to look at, or complicated in any way can cause users to quickly leave and take their business elsewhere. While designing the layout and structure of your ecommerce website, it is important to keep in mind how users would feel coming to your site. Is it easy to navigate? Can you find what you’re looking for quickly? Do the categories make sense? 

Best rules of thumb for ecommerce site layout:

  • Keep it simple 
  • Every page should be as few clicks from the home page as possible

3. Long Product Description:

Content is key for ranking higher on search engine results pages. Many websites may have thin content throughout the main pages of their site, which is why they write and update regular blog posts that are relevant and unique to their business.

However, with ecommerce sites, there are so many opportunities to add unique, long, and helpful content for users, and that is right on each product description. With these product descriptions, you should include all the details about the specific product while also including keywords. This will not only help you rank higher because of the long content but will also be helpful for users and potential customers to learn about what they are buying. 

Many ecommerce websites will just copy and paste the product description from the supplier or manufacturer but stay away from doing this. Web crawlers may see that this is duplicate content and flag your website.

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