A Brand New AdWords Editor Has Just Launched

With a fresh new design and a slew of brand new features, Google has officially announced its newest version (12.) of the AdWords Editor. Some fresh features that stand out are faster downloads for accounts, updated design and navigation, the ability to manage campaigns at scale, and the ability to include custom rules.

Below is the entire list of specific changes according to the release notes from Google:

Maximum conversion bidding: New version now allows full support for the maximum conversions strategy. This should allow you to set your bidding strategy to allow for the most conversions, using Googles technology.

-Custom Rules: You can now make and edit custom rules that will notify users of violations of AdWords best practices before you post changes. This will come in handy as you will not have to continue to check back to see if your Ad is approved.

-Faster Version Downloads: The Editor now will migrate more of your data from older versions when downloading a new one. This will allow for a much faster download when getting a new version of the AdWords Editor.

-New Design: Updated with a whole new design, all the information you need is neatly displayed and the design overall looks much cleaner.

-More Images and Videos for Universal Application Campaigns: You now have the ability to include up to 20 videos and 20 images in universal application campaigns.

-New Optional Fields for Responsive Ads: A couple of optional fields have been added. Some included are; 4:1 logo, price prefix, promotion text and call to action.


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