A Beginner’s Guide To Link Building

Link building is a critical component of every SEO strategy. It proves your website is trustworthy and reliable to search engines and improves your ranking on those search engine results pages. You may be wondering what link building is, how to build links, and what makes a good backlink. Continue reading below to learn more about link building to optimize your SEO strategy!

What is Link Building?

Link building is when you look for other websites to link to your own website. Regarding SEO, link building is essential for boosting a website’s appearance on search engines. These high-quality backlinks signal to Google that your website is real and reliable. There are many ways to build links for your website, including content marketing, PR, email outreach, and more. Link building is essential because the more high-quality backlinks your website has, the higher it can rank on Google. Backlinks are a good ranking factor for websites because, in the eyes of Google, it shows your web page has confidence and value. 

How To Build Links

Building links can be done in different ways. 

Ask for Links

First, you can ask for links by contacting a website and asking them to link their site to yours. They can do this on their homepage, in blog posts, in an e-book, case study, or any other type of web page that seems fit for a quality backlink. In turn, you can offer them to add a backlink to their site on your own site for a fair exchange. 

Add Links

Adding links yourself is one of the easiest ways to generate backlinks to your website. These links can be manually added through social media profiles, profile pages, blog comments, Q&A sites, business directories, and much more. Although this is the easiest way to add backlinks, it provides the lowest quality to Google because you can easily add them yourself. Google does not look at social media profiles and comments as a ranking factor. Instead, adding these backlinks will improve your overall website sessions, not necessarily your ranking on search engines. 

Earn Links

Earning your backlinks is the best way to generate quality traffic and improve search engine rankings. When you earn your links, you are able to have other websites link to yours without you having to ask them. This can be done by providing high-quality content on your website so that other websites will want to link their site to yours. The types of content that people will want to link include:

  • Online tools and calculators.
  • Original research and data.
  • Specific graphics and charts.
  • Other guides and tutorials that provide high-quality insight. 

What Makes A Good Backlink?

Below, discover three things that make an excellent backlink for your website. 


High-authority sites make a great backlink for your website. “Authority” means the quality of your website. The higher the website quality score, the more weight the backlinks will have. These high-authority websites have more value in the eyes of search engines, helping your page rank higher. You can use authority tools like Semrush’s backlink analytics tool to find a website’s authority and determine if it is a great place for a backlink. 


The relevance of your website is also important when it comes to backlinks. Aside from being optimized with keywords, Google’s algorithm also analyzes content to see if it is relevant in other ways. Not only is it great for content to rank, but if it is beneficial for your users and has quality content, it makes a great backlink for your site. Google can analyze whether other websites link to or refer to the same type of content, making it a great opportunity for a backlink. 


Not only is the quality and relevance of your content and website an important factor in getting good backlinks, but the placement of that link on your page is also important. A link’s position on the page, usually higher up on the page, will provide more authority. Links added lower to the bottom of the page in the footer and low in the content may not be as worthy compared to those higher up in the page’s body. 

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