A Basic Guide to SEO Best Practices

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, plays an integral part when it comes to growing a business, whether it be e-commerce, brick-and-mortar, or local services. When people use search engines to find what they are looking for, you want your business to not only show up on the search result, but also rank ahead of your competitors. When your business has a good website that is fully optimized for SEO, that will go a long way in terms of getting users attention and gaining new leads. If you are wondering about how to achieve good SEO for your website, but do not know where to start, continue reading and you can find your basic SEO questions answered here. 

SEO Ranking Factors


Having good content is essential to reaching a good SEO status. For SEO, quality content usually comes in the form of a blog, FAQ, services page, or service area page. Always having, producing, and updating content on your website is important because content is a huge ranking factor with search engines and plays a pivotal factor in your business getting found online.

Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

In a search engine results page, the page title of a website will serve as a title tag that users can see right away. Page Titles are important because they will more often than not contain keywords relevant to what a user is searching and a well-thought out page title can sway a user to clink on the site. A meta description is equally important and contains about 160 characters in its description. A meta description is essentially a brief summary of the clickable site and when the meta description contains words the user searched for, the search engine will highlight the word(s) in bold and they will stand out to users.

Mobile Friendliness and Page Speed

Having a mobile-friendly website in the 21st century is essential. People are using their phones more than ever, so making sure they have quick and easy access to the information they are seeking is important. It is always a good idea to periodically check your website’s mobile-friendliness using the mobile-friendly test offered by some search engines. 

Technology is so advanced these days no one likes or wants to wait around. Having a good page speed is as important as having a mobile-friendly website. Nobody wants to wait longer than they have to for information or for something to load on their screen. Test your website using the page speed insight tool as soon as possible to see where your website stands. 

Boston Web Marketing is Here to Help

Having a good SEO plan will help a business thrive on the digital side. These SEO tactics will play a big part in your business getting an improved search engine ranking and more overall traffic to your website. At Boston Web Marketing, we excel at helping companies achieve a better search engine ranking result and getting more traffic to their website. Getting a good SEO result is a process and it takes time. That is why our team is filled with SEO Specialists who are always passionate to help businesses grow their SEO! To learn more or get started, get in contact with us today. 


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