9 Awesome Time-Saving Tips for Content Marketers

As content marketers, we never seem to find enough time in the day to complete everything we want or need to. However, a few simple changes in your work habits can save you a lot of time. Follow these 9 tips and start making the most of your work hours!


Make A Plan

Jumping into content creation without a plan or outline can often cause some mishaps later on down the road. Save yourself some time and invest in making an outline before starting your work. It will help you decide which points to cover and you’ll be able to produce content a lot quicker, saving you from making too many edits at the end.


Use To-Do Lists

To-do lists are great because they allow you to organize your thoughts and see at a glance what you have completed and still have to finish. You’ll stay organized and feel accomplished when you finally cross something off of the list!


Know Who Your Audience Is

You can save yourself a lot of time if you know who you’re creating your content for before you start. This will help you know what tone and approach to use when writing!


Work When You Feel Creative

It’s a waste of time if you try to be creative during a “blah” moment. If you know you’re a morning person, tackle your hardest jobs early in the day. If you seem to be having a writer’s block, get up and go for a quick walk to clear your mind.


Do One Thing At A Time

While multitasking may make you feel productive, it can actually distract you from both of the tasks you’re trying to complete. Knock out one task at a time to dwindle down your to-do list quickly!


Take Breaks

Pushing yourself too hard to create content can cause you to become mentally fatigued. This can in turn lead to more mistakes and frustration. Take a break every few hours to stretch, walk around, and just clear your mind.


Prioritize Tasks That Give You The Most ROI

Not everything on your to-do list is of equal importance. Focus on the content that drives the most traffic and conversions first. Put the most of your energy into those and then complete the rest of your list.


Spend Time On The Right Social Media Channels

Social media is a huge part of content marketing. Focus on platforms that you know your target audience uses, and don’t waste your time on platforms that don’t give you any ROI.


Create A Backlog Of Content

When you’re in your most creative states, create a little extra content to save for future use. Stay ahead of your content schedule; if you have an emergency stash, you’ll never have to stress over not having something to post.


Listen To Your Audience

Sometimes finding good ideas for content can be as simple as asking your audience what they want to see and read. Take a poll on what topics your audience would like you to cover and then go from there!


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