8 Ways To Increase Your Open Rate Of Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a great way to stay engaged and connected with your audience. It also gives you a way for your audience and contacts to stay up to date with what is going on with your business. However, in order to have a successful campaign and get the engagement you seek from your audience, they need to open the emails. Probably the most important aspect of your email marketing campaign is the subject line. This is the first thing readers see, and it is the deciding factor of if they will open the email or not. Making sure the subject line is interesting and captivating is the first step in a successful campaign. Here are eight other ways that will help increase your email marketing open rate.

Emojis and Symbols

Adding emojis and symbols are a good way to increase your  open rate. Businesses who have used emojis or symbols in their email subject have seen a 45% increase in their open rates. Although this is a good statistic, we do not suggest adding emojis in all of your emails that you send out to your contact list. Emojis should be used for specific emails that cover a certain topic. The emoji can add a bit of character and accent the topic at hand. Below are some tips on how to use emojis effectively.

  • Use one that complements your message.
  • Use them for certain emails and do not flood all your emails with them.
  • Run some tests to see if adding emojis is the right thing to do with your contact list.


If you have deals you want to promote and share with your contact list, then email marketing is a great way to advertise any deal. To make sure people open up your emails that has information on the deals or coupons, try using numbers in the subject line. People like to see numbers. It makes it easier for them to read and it is a real attention grabber. A good use of numbers used in a subject line would be “3 days only: 15% off on all products”.

Keep It Short

Two-thirds of emails are open on mobile devices, so when creating an email campaign keep this in mind. With mobile devices your subject line will be limited in space. You should aim to have your subject line be 50 characters or less. If the subject line is too long, it will look distorted on mobile devices and draw your audience away and not open the email.

Be Creative

Many inboxes now a days are filled with marketing emails from different businesses and newsletters people sign up for. Make sure you stand out from the crowd and add a creative spin on your subject line. Try adding a word that is all caps, making the subject line seem personal to that specific reader, etc. You do want to be careful when doing this because it might not work for your brand.  To make sure it will work with your brand, try a split test first to see if it will be feasible. Another thing to be cautious about is making a word in all capital letters. Using capitalized words in multiple emails could land you a spam tag. Make sure to use this strategy sparingly to avoid this issue.


When formatting your email, try making the subject line personalized with the reader. Write a subject line around the lines of “It is Your Time To Shine!” Making it personal gives the reader a sense of connection to the brand and more of a reason to see what the email has to offer. If you can, you can try using that contact’s first name in the email subject line to make it an even more personal email. However, try testing this out first to make sure that approach will work with your brand and your audience.

Provide Clarity

When people receive emails, they only take a glance at the subject line before deciding they want to open that email. With this in mind, it is important to make sure that your email not only stands out from the rest but makes it clear to the reader what is in store. Not only should the email subject be clear, it should make the receiver want to open the email. This is where the personalization comes in as mentioned before. If people feel an email was made specifically for them, they are more inclined to open it.

Data Is Power

Data is a great way to make sure your emails are opened. Not only that, but data is the key component to how you run your business and engage your audience. Data can tell you what your audience is interested in, which can give you an idea of how to structure your email subject. If someone looked at a hotel in Spain on your website, you can send them an email about a discount on hotels in Spain when it becomes available.

Permission-Based Emails

Following all of the steps above can be very beneficial to your next email marketing campaign. However, if your emails are not going to the right inboxes then it is all going to be a waste. Make sure that you are sending emails to people who are interested in receiving them. In addition, do not forget to update your email list regularly as that list, on average, will expire 25% per year.

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