8 Types Of Negative Reviews Google Will Remove

Reviews are a powerful and helpful tool for any business, whether small or large. Reviews are how the customers can express how they really feel about the company and services. Reviews also play a big part in lead generation as most people will look up reviews on a company or service before using them to make sure they are getting their money’s worth. One downside to customer reviews is coming across bad reviews. While generally, every business wants positive reviews, a negative review does tend to show up.

Most negative reviews are organic, real, and happen every so often. What has become more of an issue is the use of fake negative reviews, either by competitors or bots to tarnish the reputation of small businesses. To fight these fake reviews and to save reputations, Google has been more diligent about what negative reviews they will move that break their guidelines. Below are eight types of negative reviews Google will be looking into to remove from business pages.

  1. Reviews that contradict themselves or seem outlandish.
  2. When one “person” leaves negative reviews for several businesses that are industry related.
  3. A user creating multiple profiles to leave a negative review and asking friends to post negative reviews.
  4. When you receive multiple negative reviews but the same people leave your competitor a nice review, this probably means the competitor is the reviewer.
  5. People who leave negative reviews mistakenly for the wrong business.
  6. When a business has many locations and a user leaves negative reviews for the multiple locations of that business.
  7. Leaving negative reviews for a current or former employer.
  8.  Negative reviews as a result of a controversial media incident. Usually when multiple users leave a negative review but never have interacted with the company.

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