8 Benefits of Press Releases

Press releases are nothing new when it comes to public relations. Press releases are often used to announce the launch of new products or general company news but in today’s landscape of social marketing, press releases provide more versatility in the areas of publicity for businesses while also lending a hand to some SEO benefits. Here are 8 benefits of using press releases in your public relations strategy.


  1. Increased exposure: The more your target audience is exposed to your business and brand, the quicker the audience will understand the business’s mission, purpose, and objective. It is beneficial to maximize the amount of exposure that the business has with the audience and how much they are able to read about the business.


  1. Viewership potential: News and press releases are being consumed by people at an extremely fast pace. It is vital that when writing press releases, that the content is worth reading. Millions of people are consuming more and more content every day; these people are your potential clients.


  1. Reputation Management: Using press releases can help recover from earning a negative reputation. If you receive negative reviews from clients, the use of press releases can help with your business’s credibility.


  1. SEO Benefits: Press releases can aid in SEO back-linking efforts. Links found on press releases provide a boost in traffic because of readers being redirected to your site.


  1. Experts in the Industry: Writing press release content based off of your industry will increase the trust that you have with the reader. These readers will consider your business as a leader in your field because of how much you know about the industry and will trust your brand more.


  1.  Newest News: Press releases will update people in the industry with exactly what your business is up to or if any achievements have been reached, keeping your business relevant and active within your industry.


  1. Potential of Being Shared: If the content that you share is intriguing or thought to provoke enough, people will share the content with their audience. The potential of your press release being read by a wide audience is a realistic outcome and with numerous social platforms, good content can catch on quickly.


  1. Cost-Effective: The distribution of press releases and its benefits for SEO is a more economic option than that of paid advertising. The results from press release use are measurable and observable. There is value in using press releases to increase traffic and maximize SEO.

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