7 Ways To Increase Your Reach On Facebook

Facebook is known for reconnecting friends and family and more recently has been finding more ways for small businesses to reach their target audiences. Whenever a business page posts, Facebook indicates how many people the post has been seen with a “Reach” count. This way, along with the insights section of the business page, owners can schedule their posts at times where they will get the most reach. Reach also informs an owner of how many people saw the post that was published on a page.  To make sure you are getting the most out of your Facebook posts for your business, here are seven ways to increase the reach of your Facebook posts.


This day and age people enjoy visuals, so adding a relevant stock photo to your Facebook post will work out really well. It has been researched that people click on articles that have  images attached to them than those that are just plain text. When adding a photo to post on a business page make sure that it is relevant to the post topic and that there are not a lot of text on the image itself. Facebook has also stated that it prefers images with little-to-no text on them.

Automatic Bidding

In regards to Facebook ads, just like with Google Adwords there are bids for your advertisements. Facebook has the option of  optimizing your bids automatically for conversions. In turn, this will help your Facebook posts to get a better reach count. Facebook also will learn more about your company depending on the conversions your ads bring in. With this information Facebook can allocate your budget depending on the best time of day to show your ads to people on Facebook.

Automatic Target Placement

Facebook launched a new feature to target placement when it comes to Facebook Ads. Now there is an option to have Facebook automatically target place your ads. This automatic placement will post your ads in places most likely to reach the right people and audience for your business. Facebook uses data it collects from previous ads and conversions to determine these peak times to post with automatic placement.

Avoid Overlap

When creating ads, make sure not to have them overlap in terms of target audience. Having multiple ads that are targeting the same target group can give off mixed signals. It can confuse your audience as to what you want to show them. In addition, having overlapping ads can confuse the Facebook Ad system and skew your data incorrectly. Which can lead to bad target placement if you are using the automatic targeting and hinder your reach for your posts.

Avoid Multiple Changes

Just like with anything in life, when a change is made there needs to be adjustments. When making changes on Facebook, it can take days and even weeks for their algorithms to adjust to the change. If you make multiple changes constantly then it will have a negative impact on your reach results as Facebook will be trying to play catch up rather than help with your ad conversions and reach.

Reach Campaigns

Reach campaigns are a great way to increase your reach on posts if you are willing to pay. This type of campaign helps if you are trying to reach a certain number of people. You tell the campaign the x amount of reach you would like to receive and a price is calculated in order to reach that goal. Since the program knows your goal it will be easier to come up with a strategy to reach that goal.

Lifetime Budget

Another great way to increase post reach is by setting up a life time budget. This is when an you tell Facebook the amount of money you are willing to spend in a given amount of time. With this information, the system will do its best to get you the best results within the allotted time frame. How this works is that traffic will get higher in the beginning of the campaign, even out during the middle and then rise once again during the end of the time frame you provide to the system. This will make sure that the ads do not come off as spam by slowing down the traffic in the middle of the time frame.

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