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7% of Traffic to US News Publishers Now Comes from Google’s AMP

February 24, 2017 officially marked the one year anniversary of Google rolling out Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). However, it was not indexed in organic search results until September 2016. It was first available for top news publishers. According to Adobe Analytics, AMP accounts for 7% of top news publishers’ traffic. During this time, the number of AMPs created increased by 405% and 896% of traffic increased to AMPs by November of 2016.

What is AMP?

AMP is a project from Google and Twitter designed to make very fast mobile pages. In order to make AMP load very fast, no JavaScript is allowed in addition to having a streamlined version of CSS. You also can’t use a certain tag of HTML and images should be removed in order to make the loading speed of the page much faster. They are doing this because a study has shown that 55% of readers now spend less than 15 seconds reading a website and if your page loading time is slow, it increases the potential of readers not waiting for your website to load.

Future of AMP

Google is now implementing a strong focus on using AMP for search results. The most recent update to AMP is that Google’s iOS app is adopting AMPs in search results so don’t be surprised by a dramatic increase in traffic of AMP pages in the future.

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