7 Compelling Words to Use for Digital Marketing

“How to Write a Headline for Digital Marketing”
“7 Attention-Grabbing Words You Should Use for Digital Marketing”
What headline really draws in your attention?  It’s a no-brainer that the second headline is more appealing, but why is that?  It all has to do with the language.
Your content’s headline is the most important part of your article, or email newsletter.  Why?  Because the majority of readers use headlines to decide whether or not to read an article.  Using specific language makes the difference of a lackluster headline versus a click-worthy one.
The goal for content writing for digital marketing is to grab the audience’s attention with key words that’ll attract them to whatever it is that you’re promoting.
When it comes time to write the copy for your next headline, make sure to use these marketing words whenever possible and if applicable to capture an audience of interested readers and potentially customers.
Advertising is all about the consumer.  Just simply using the word “you” builds a rapport and keeps the content light-hearted.  By making your content more conversational and inclusive, you’ve already added appeal to your consumer because they feel like you are talking directly to them.
“Reduced” or “Discounted”
Who doesn’t love a good sale?  When people know they are getting some bang for their buck, they feel like they are saving, and wind up spending more than intended.
What’s better than a discount? A freebie!  Customers’ eyes always light up during bo-go (Buy One, Get One) sales, and what better way to capture more attention than to offer something for free?
If you want to establish trust with your customers, using “guaranteed” or “risk-free” is a sure way to get them to feel secure in spending their money on your product or services.
“Limited-Time” or “Don’t Miss”
These two terms imply a sense of urgency.  When the clock is ticking, customers will be rushing to check-out or quickly filling up their online shopping cart so they don’t miss a good sale.  But if you’re going to be offering the product for a limited time, make it just that.  Keep the customers on their toes, but don’t keep them guessing for too long.

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