6 Ways to Utilize Instagram for your Public Relations

Instagram has over 400 million active monthly users who post on average 80 million photos a day. Instagram has cemented themselves as a leading social media platform that enables users to quickly capture a wide audience through exciting images, videos and carousel ads. Instagram has received a lot of attention from marketing and PR Firms ever since they released the update that allows business to Advertise on Instagram. But how else can you integrate the use of Instagram into your brand’s public relations efforts? Here are six ways to improve public relations using Instagram.

Product Display: If your business is based on selling products, consider showcasing the use of these products in your content. Stay away from sharing your own images on Instagram but instead, implement a user generated Instagram campaign. Encourage your followers to share their experiences with your product. Re-post and give credit to user images and share with your audience, while encouraging them to also share their content.

Work Culture: Work culture is a perfect subject to share on Instagram. Introduce new hires through the company Instagram account. Tag your employee in the image, they will engage in the Instagram image and share it there following.

Awards & Milestones: Share special events that happen in your company or office. For instance, an opening of a new store can be shared with your audience, and it will also allow people to see the location of the new store. Be careful to not overshare with your audience.

Share Social Causes: Show what your brand is doing in terms of social corporate responsibility. Pictures are great to share memorable events and the impact your organization has on the local community.

Focus on Culture: For universities, campus cultures are very different from one university to the next. Instagram can be used to show off the school to attract new students and potential donors. Show images of the marching band, the relationship between coach and player, and interaction between the student body and staff.

Showcase Events: Instagram can be used to promote the event before, during and after. Spreading the word of any company events can drive attendance. Use images to show how the event was after to promote camaraderie and start to gain interest for the next company event.


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